Saturday, June 17, 2006

Izzy Back???

Well awesome news for all the GNR fans out there... after all the excitement following Izzy's reunion with GNR at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, now we have word that Izzy will continue to tour with GNR for several tour dates, having also played at the Download music festival in Great Britain.
Obviously this isn't a fully re-united Guns N' Roses, but it is a step closer. And I think that even if Slash denies talking to Axl, it means they at least talk in some form. After all, Izzy is still good friends with Slash, Duff, and Matt, and has performed with Velvet Revolver on several occaisions. So if he starts talking to Slash about the tour... all i'm saying is its more likely than before. Izzy's reappearance also lends weight to the idea that Axl is finally calming down a bit, maybe taking his bipolar meds for once.

Apparently the show was great, only interrupted by technical difficulties. But they started almost a half hour early (is this really Axl Rose we're talking about) and finished all the songs. Axl's voice is reportedly in full form, and i guess he's in better shape than in 2002 as well, not looking overweight. (The hair is still heatedly debated, but at least its shorter.)

Just a thought... I like Brian Mantia, doesn't it seem like Steven Adler could easily come back and play for GNR? His band, Adler's Appetite, mostly does GNR cover stuff, and he hasn't had much individual success that's not based on his GNR fame. I think he'd love to regain some of the lost glamour and prestige. I don't have any sources, but it just seems like an obvious match. And besides, Brian Mantia has been mostly replaced by a drum machine anyway.

Axl, Adler, and Izzy... that would be 3/5 of the original GNR band. Maybe then they'd have some real success, and Slash and Duff would come back. I still think Matt Sorum is an amazing drummer, but Adler was the genius on the AFD tracks and on "Civil War" which I love.

long live GNR

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stadium Arcadium
So a quick review of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Stadium Arcadium. First off, I'm a big RHCP fan, so I might be a little biased because I like almost anything they do.
The new album has 28 tracks, so $12 was actually a great deal. I went out and got it the day of release at Best Buy. While not all the tracks are amazing, there aren't any that make me reach for the next button. Dani California, the hit single, is obviously a solid way to start off the first disk, JUPITER. (I'm not quite sure why it's all caps on the CD : ) And then from there I have grown to love Snow ((Hey OH)). It's a great song, relaxing but at the same time not boring, and it has a great melody. It's one of those songs that doesn't get stuck in your head right away, but you find yourself humming it hours later in the day. Then Charlie keeps up the pace, with a different style but equally catchy. The refrain of "So much more than Charlie's waking me/To my call and Charlie's shaking me/Tell my story Charlie's making me/An Charlie's making me smile" really stands out and reminds me of past RHCP albums. Some other personal favorites off of JUPITER: Slow Cheetah (it builds into a song that's way better than you first expect), Especially in Michigan (which I initially disliked but have now come to fully appreciate, it might be my favorite overall at the moment), and C'mon Girl, (overall an awesome song. The tempo rises and falls at exactly the right moments, and Anthony Kiedis and Flea really shine here.)

The second CD, Mars, also has many quality songs, but I think I grew to like JUPITER a little better over time. You can listen to 21st Century over and over again, it just never gets old. She Looks to Me is also a similarly clutch track. And while Storm in A Teacup was my immediate favorite after listening to the CD for the first time, Made You Feel Better might actually be up there with Michigan for best overall. The whole song takes on this great flow, and the guitars cut in and out at just the right moments. Kiedis' vocals tie it all together, and Chad Smith's drumming keeps it nice and loose.

Overall a really cool album, a great addition to any collection, especially at the price. ($12 at Best Buy.)